Salem reviewed by Camel City Dispatch

Chad Nance, writer for Camel City Dispatch, reviewed our album Salem.  In short, he really likes it.

What we have here, friends and neighbors is an album. Not a CD. Not simply a collection of some songs that the band has been working up live for the last few months, and definitely not a demo. Gulley’s recently released, Salem, is a strong and cohesive work of songwriting and studio craft that is a triumph for the young band and further evidence that there is a real rock music scene percolating under the surface here in Camel City.
-Chad Nance

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More Videos and More Gulley the in news!

Whew!  We’re still slowly floating down from our CD release show at the Garage.  That was the most fun we’ve had on stage.  Hopefully it was something special for you too.

And now it’s already time to reflect and relive it!

Chris Smith of wrote a very thorough and lively review of the entire 2014 Triad Music Festival.  It’s worth the entire read, but since this is our website, here is what he had to say about our performance!  We really appreciate his glowing review!

Closing the show was local rock band Gulley. This event was extra special for the band and for the band’s followers because this show marked the release of their new album “Salem”. I felt a little like an outsider because it became apparent standing along the back wall of the Garage that I was the only person in the building who was not familiar with the band. They had a large loyal following that ate up every bit of new music the band gave to them. Song after song, Gulley delivered. By the end of the show, I was no longer a stranger in the back, I felt like part of the family.
-Chris Smith

Now for onto the video!  Film maker Jack Pennington once again created another beauty.  As you all probably already know, Jack created Camel City Chaos: the making of Salem.  He also captured our gig at the Garage.  This little video really captures our emotions during and right after our show.  Thanks Jack!

As always, you can see more press and videos in our Press Coverage and Videos sections!

Listen to Gulley and Liz May on the Less Desirables


Last night, we were featured on the podcast the Less Desirables.  The show discusses music, sports, TV, movies, technology and beer! They invited our producer Liz May to discuss the Triad Music Festival, which we will feature us at the Garage Friday night.  Liz then asked if we wanted to be on the show, and we gladly accepted!

The entire night was a blast.  The crew and Liz were very gracious as they played “Could You Help Me Out” and then let us ramble about Salem.  They even let us talk about Sunday’s NFL playoff games and movies.

Finally, we are happy to let you know we will be back on the Less Desirables to do an acoustic performance!  A date will be set soon.


Camel City Chaos IS NOW LIVE!

Tada!  it is here!  Please share with everyone you know!  The official release of Salem is Friday, Jan 17th, at the Garage in downtown Winston-Salem.

Camel City Chaos: the Making of Salem is now live!

Gulley in the news!

We made the news three times!

We were in the Winston-Salem Journal.  Reporter and writer Cindy Hodnett gave us a little shout out in here Scene & Heard article.




Later, our good friend Shana Whitehead was interviewed by WFDD’s David Ford and Triad Arts.  Shana is the owner of the Muddy Creek Cafe.  We love playing there, we love the food, we really love the people and we love how the Cafe is really become a place were people come to listen to good music.  The entire segment is a little more than four minutes, so we suggest you listen to all of it, but if you are short on time, we are mentioned around the 3:02 mark.  Click HERE for the interview.

Finally, Liz May (yes, the same Liz May who engineered, produced and mixed our album Salem) was on the Camel City Dispatch News Hour promoting the Triad Music Festival.  Since we are also releasing our album at her festival, she made sure to mention it!
Around the 56:30 mark Liz May enters the broadcast!

Camel City Chaos: the Making of Salem

Originally, we planned on releasing Camel City Chaos: the Making of Salem on Friday, January 17th.  However, it is so good, we must release it a week early.  On Friday January 10th, we will release the link TO THE WORLD.

Film maker and Winston-Salem resident Jack Pennington created the video.  He combined raw archival footage, interviews and the music from Salem to reveal the story, creation and meaning of Salem.  To view Jack’s other documentaries and videos, visit Tell Stories, Change the World.  

Salem Release Date Set: 1/17/2014

January 17th, 2014, shall be the day of Gulley.  On this day, Salem will be released along with documentary Camel City Chaos: the making of Salem.  We will also be performing at the Garage as a part of the 2014 Triad Music Festival.  Salem will be available on our BandCamp page.

Salem was recorded over six days in April 2013 at Fidelitorium Recordings in Kernersville, NC.  Liz May and Koehn Terry of Sound Lizzard, the lead and assistant engineers, were the most vital people outside of Gulley in recording the album.  Without them, Salem would have never happened, or if it did, it would have sounded bland.  Jordan Connell (who will be performing with us on January 17th) composed and played all piano, organ, and marimba parts on the album.  Catherine Schiemann from the Greensboro band Bana added her beautiful  voice on “Maybe Someday” and “All My Time is Gone”

In June 2013, we were introduced to film maker and biographer Jack Pennington.  After talking to him for thirty seconds, we knew we had to get this guy to make documentary about Salem.  A few months later, Camel City Chaos: the making of Salem was complete.  This ten minute documentary outlines the formation of Gulley and the main inspiration behind Salem,  the recording process, and its meaning to the band.  Camel City Chaos features archival footage, live rehearsal footage, and interviews not available anywhere else!  It’s an incredible video that any music fan will enjoy; it just shows the thought process of a band trying to make good music.

Please mark your calenders.  January 17th will be a good day.

Gulley to perform at the 2014 Triad Music Festival

We have good news,  and who doesn’t love good news!

Gulley will be performing at the second annual Triad Music Festival.  We will be one of two bands headlining the indie rock stage at the Garage January 17th.  As Winston-Salem residents, being selected for this is a huge honor– certainly one of the high points of the band!

To celebrate and make our performance at the Triad Music Festival a special one, Jordan Connell  will be joining us!  As a reminder, Jordan played piano, organ, and marimba on our album Salem. This will be Jordan’s first time playing with us live as Gulley.  Our set will feature Salem in it’s entirety.

Triad Music Festival is a showcase and celebration of the Triad area’s local music scene. Some amazing musicians and songwriters have come out of this area and many still reside here. TMF is a way for talent – young or seasoned – to be able to perform for the hometown area in a festival environment and gain recognition and support from their community. There is a little bit of something for everyone—from the Gear Swap and Expositions, Workshops and Demonstrations, to Artist Showcases and Concerts. Whether you are a musician, industry professional, gear head, or a lover of great, quality music—there is something that will reach out to anyone in the community. This festival is a great reminder of how a community can come together in support of a common cause.

For more information on the Triad Music Fest, visit


It’s taken a few years, but we have an official live performance of us playing Voodoo Child.   View it on our Videos section of the website or click here.  Be sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel too!

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