Here before you is a rock band built with the three pillars of rock’n’roll: electric guitar, bass guitar and drums.

Gulley is a rock band fronted by brothers Chobey and Nick Badgio and completed by Charlie Witherspoon. Their sound is Woodstock 69 meets early 90’s college radio rock–or something like that. An elaboration can be heard on Salem, Gulley’s 10 song album recorded at Mitch Easter’s Fidelitorium Recordings in 2013.

The band’s true element is the band stand. Their three-piece band setup allows room for each band member ample to express themselves musically, comically and candidly. Whether Gulley is performing an original tune, a rock version of a sappy female power-pop song, or a ten minute marvelment from 1969, they are equipped and thrilled to play.

Gulley in the Press

The Less Desirables Podcast
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December 3rd, 2014
the Less Desirables

NinerGulley delivers ode to Winston-Salem in new album
January 14th, 2014
written by Leanna Pough
“Two cups of hard work, 4 ounces of frustration, 1/4 cup of pride combined with creativity and slowly churned with skill gives you a band’s most tangible form of success: their first album.

Album Review: Salem by Gulley
July 27th, 2014
written by Brandon Daggerheart
“(Salem) is the epitome of porch-drinking record…I’m looking forward to cranking it up over the summer and rockin’ out to it.”

Review: Salem by Gulley
Selling Their Lives to Strangers
February 23rd, 2014
written by Chad Nance
“Gulley’s recently released, Salem, is a strong and cohesive work of songwriting and studio craft that is a triumph for the young band and further evidence that there is a real rock music scene percolating under the surface here in Camel City.”