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Russ Wilson to leave Gulley

Rusty, I mean Russ, and I were chatting over a few Blue Moons about one month ago.  We were having a great time just talking about gear, music, life, and death.  I mentioned to him that Chobey and I plan to move to Winston-Salem in April, but arranging rehearsals shouldn’t be a problem.

Then he dropped a bombshell on me!

He told me that the timing actually worked out great, because starting in April, he will be unable to drum with Gulley.  He’ll finish the remainder of the year with us, and if we find a replacement before April, he will step aside sooner.

Russ is a music mad scientist. His talents extend far beyond the drum kit!  He’s a singer, he’s a guitarist, he’s a song writer, he’s a composer, and a producer.  If you ask Russ, “Hey sir!  What are you?”  He will reply, “I am a producer.”  He works frequently for a production company called Six Foot Kitten, and starting in April, they have some work!

Of course, Chobey and I are bummed about this news.  Russ is a great drummer, and more importantly, a great friend.  We’ll miss him when we go to some shady bar to play.  We’ll miss his humor as some drunk fellow offers us drugs.  We’ll miss his intense power on stage.  We’ll miss the fun we had eating pizza after rehearsals!  We’ll miss hanging out with him all the time!

But also, we’re happy for Russ.  We knew all along that his main passion was producing albums, mixing, and even doing a little bit of audio for independent films.  And I have heard Rusty say many times, “I don’t like being in bands, but you guys are the exception!”

This is my note to Russ.

Russ, thank you so much for letting us be that exception!  I’ve never quite connected to a drummer like I have with you.  I think you’re a very talented man and I wish you the best!  And I’ll see you around  once you leave the band, because, you know, we’re friends, and we hang out and stuff.




Any way, if you know of anyone who wants to drum for a rather established original rock band, send them our way.  Auditions begin…… NOW.

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