Why Tuesday August 16th is important. Also, FREE GULLEY!

1. It is the 57th anniversary of the first issue of Sports Illustrated

2. Steve Carell was born on this date in 1962

3. Gulley is playing at the Black Box Theater in Salisbury, NC.  It’s a Free Gulley concert.  We want to raise awareness about Gulley and why he should be freed!  Actually, not really.  This concert is free to attend, but that won’t stop us from making FREE GULLEY picket signs.  (NOTE!  Any fan that brings FREE GULLEY signs will be rewarded.)

We don’t play in Salisbury that much anymore, so any gig in our hometown is a big deal.  But playing at the Black Box is special because it treats the fans well. It is a small place with great acoustics.  You’re going to see us sweat.

Also, the entire room is black, which sounds insignificant at first.  However, when you go, you will think to yourself, “Wow.  How much more black could this place be?  None.  None more black.”

Show starts at 8pm.   The Resurrectionists from Boston, MA, will be opening for us.  Please come!  We love our hometown!

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