EP, for real

We have hinted at recording an EP or and LP for awhile now.  We have officially decided that the recorded material we have will become a digital EP.  That means you will be able to download the EP as mp3s for way less than it would cost you to buy a CD.  However, if you wish to have a CD, we can make that happen for you.

The EP is unnamed for now. The leading titles are Muy Poletas, which means “Very Balls” in Spanish, or World’s Best Cup of Coffee.  If you have any ideas, let us know, but we really like the names we have now.

The EP will have six tracks, but we’re going to keep that a secret until next week.

The EP will feature Noah Brisbin on rock organs.  Noah has been a good friend of ours for over ten years.  He was also the keyboardist and lead singer of the Salisbury cover  band William and the Geographers, which featured young versions Nick and Chobey Badgio.  We love you Noah!

We still hope to get the EP released in December.

Stay tuned for more news!  Thanks!

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