January update: 2012 YEAR OF THE GULLEY

Hello Gulleephans!  This is Nick Badgio.

The past few days have been good for Gulley, because of some good news!  This is what happened.

I will start out with the most important bit of information.  The EP (which will probably never have a name) will be completely mixed within the next nine days!  After that it will be mastered by our cousin Nick Notis.  We’re hoping to release it in one month!

All of you know we have been waiting for this moment for a long time.  As a reminder, this EP will be released FOR FREE on Bandcamp.com.  If you so wish to have a CD copy, that can be arranged for a cost, unless of course, you’re Greek or Albanian.

Also, thanks to the wonderful good heart of Cindy Fedor (that’s the cellist’s mom), Gulley will soon have a new logo!  This time, it will look professional and appealing!  I admit, I am horrible at designing logos, but I can make one outrageous poster.

Thirdly, I am happy to announce Gulley is booked to perform in Knoxville, TN, on Friday April 13th at the Longbranch Saloon!  This will be my musical homecoming!  I attended the University of Tennessee.   Instead of doing that book learnin, I mostly just listening to the vast and amazing music scene there.  It really influenced me more than I can describe in a mere update blog. For us just to make a tiny scratch into the Knoxville scene is a real honor, and hopefully it will become a city we perform frequently.

I will end this update on a sad one.  Yes, Rusty is still leaving the band 🙁  We’re still on the lookout for the next drummer.  Also, cellist and hat extraordinaire Erica Fedor leaves for Vienna in four days.  She returns in May, but we will miss her!

Stay tuned for more updates on the EP.  This is a very exciting time for Gulley.  I declare that the year 2012 is the year of Gulley!


Nick Badgio

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