Keep the Change: February update!

Hey hey hey!  This is not Fat Albert, but I still have a song for you!

That song is our EP Keep the Change.  I am pleased to announce it will be officially released very soon, sometime in March or early April. For now, you can listen to the tracks on our website or our Reverb Nation page

I want to thank drummer, engineer, producer, and Beaver Brother All Star electrician Russ Wilson for doing a fantastic job engineering and mixing Keep the Change.  These tracks are amazing!  They truly sound like they came from a big multi-million dollar studio in NYC or Athens!  But no!  This  was recorded in our good ole hometown of Salisbury, NC, and it was mixed in Russ’s apartment (using thousands of dollars worth of speakers and preamps, but still, his apartment!)  He has a day job like the rest of us, but over the last three months, he was putting in another forty hour work week to complete Keep the Change.  Russ is what I like to call very talented.

Our cousin Nick Notis is mastering Keep the Change.  Mastering is a crazy sound improving process that truly needs to be done to any recording for it to sound the best it can be.  More importantly, mastering Keep the Change allows to have the quality recording needed for radio airplay.  HELLO COLLEGE ROCK SATIONS! 😀  Nick is doing us a HUGE favor, one which we are very grateful for!  I also appreciate his sincere interest with the band and EP as whole.

Keep the Change CD package will feature some fantastic photography.  Gulley is currently negotiating with Matt Gulley, the man who we named the band after, to appear on the front cover of the album.  The man is that amazing.

The primary distribution of Keep the Change will be through   This allows you to download our EP for whatever price you feel is appropriate.  This is a bold move, but we have great fans, so thank you!  It will also be on iTunes.  As I already mentioned, we will have CDs too.  If you want a CD, we can make that happen!  CDs are expensive, and most people prefer just downloading mp3s.  We’re smart people, so we will initially order only a few CDs. You will be able to purchase Keep the Change CD through our website and at select shows.

Finally, we have a busy March and April gigging. We hope to see ya live!

I don’t know what it is, but we all have good vibes about the future!

Take care Gulley fans!

-Nick Badgio

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