Nick’s message about the Blast Waltz

Nick Badgio has a letter he wants to share with you all.

Good morning, afternoon, and night followers of the mighty Gulley,

The Blast Waltz is just days away!  I wanted to go over the event, and just share my excitement.

The concert is Saturday from 8pm to 11pm at the Black Box Theater on North Lee Street (right behind Koco Java and the license plate place.)  The Blast Waltz will feature our very good friends the Ends, Gulley, and William & the Geographers.  This will be the first time the Geographers have assembled since July 12, 2008!  The concert is free!

Sometime during the concert, we will be giving away $100.  Upon entering the theater, we’ll give you a ticket.  If your ticket is called during the night, you won!  There are a few rules about this.  First, we’re not going to tell you all when we’re giving away the money but it will probably be near the end of the concert.  Second, you must be present to receive the dough!

This is Gulley’s second time performing at the Black Box Theater.  Besides the actual venue itself, this is a complete Gulley production.  We set up the stage.  We set up the speakers.  We’re in charge of providing the concessions.  We’re in charge of staffing the event.  We’re the only ones promoting the event.  It’s a very rewarding experience! When you’re the sole entity putting a concert together, you bet the performance is going to be special.

I know Gulley is going to sound amazing.  We have been pumping ourselves up for this show for three months.  We invited the Ends to play with us too.  I’m not sure if you knew this, but they are an fantastic band.  Through a deal with God, they can actually never sound bad.  It’s impossible for them to have an off night.  I am just convinced of it!  We’ll actually being doing two or so songs with them too.  I’m excited!

And William & the Geographers!  What can I say?  The last time we jammed was almost three years ago, but I remember all of our gigs just being a great.  If someone was feeling depressed, that person was brought to a William & the Geographers show.  The next day that same person was out helping feeding the hungry.  We brought that much joy to people!  I suppose it was because playing was such a joyous experience for us too.   Even though it has been awhile since Noah, Kyle, Adam, Chobey and I have been together as a band, I don’t see this show being any different.

So come to the Blast Waltz.  You’ll be entertained.  And you’ll leave in a better mood than the one you walked in with.

-Nick “The Yellow Dart” Badgio

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