Nick Badgio’s EP Thank You Letter

Ladies and gentleman, Gulley has left the studio!

Sunday September 18th at 11:12pm, we finished recording our six-song EP.

First of all, BIG thanks to Russ Wilson for drumming, engineering, producing, and mixing.  He was given and huge responsibility and even a bigger work load, yet he nailed everything that was thrown his way.  I know he did a lot of stuff before Chobey and I ever arrived at the studio.  There is so much prep work involved in recording, and every day we were ready to roll the moment we walked in!

Second of all, Chobey is a genius. The extra ear candy he added on this EP is stunning and equal to any professional album.  It was a pleasure to observe his art form before me!

Thank you Mom and Dad for keeping me sane as I waited my turn to play in the studio.  And the lunches and dinners you made for us boys in the studio kept us going!  We were so obsessed with recording we never noticed how hungry we were until we were on the verge of unconsciousness, but when we ate, we felt so energized.  Taking a break with the best food in Salisbury is always a good idea.

Thank you Jordan Connell, Ace, and Stucky for shouting with us on a few tracks!  The stuff turned out very well!

Thank you Tyler Mistretta for being a calm influence on a rather hectic Saturday!  Having someone excited about being in the control room while we recorded the rhythm beds made our day so much easier.

And a future thanks to Noah Brisbin for tickling the midi keys!  (Noah is a law student at UNC and he was unable to make it to this weekend’s recordings.  He’ll record some organ tracks the next time he is in Salisbury!)

And thank you Ansir Music for making the best bass I have ever played.  Tobacco Road is a masterpiece.


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