Remember us? November update!

Hello Gulley-philes!

This is Nick Badgio giving you a little update!

Some time has passed since our last gig.  It’s been two fortnights (four weeks)! That changes this Saturday!  Club Three Fifteen out of Salisbury, NC, contacted us yesterday stating that they needed a band to play this Saturday!  We very graciously accepted the offer.  We don’t have gigs find us.  Typically we have to find them! Show starts at 9:30pm.

Of course, we still have the BLAST Waltz Saturday, November 26th at the Black Box Theater.  Besides The Ends, us, a William Geographers reunion (really, can you believe these guys are back!?), we will also be giving away $100 to a lucky fan during the show!  Typically you have to pay to see a show, but in this case, you get paid to see three great bands!

Over the past month much has happened within the band.  Russ Wilson has been very, very busy mixing the EP.  So far, the stuff sounds amazing!  My cousin Nick Notis will be mastering the EP.  He gave us a family discount, which we are really thankful for.  (BTW, check out his music at  I have been busy with work, and Chobey has been working on some new tunes too.

The break also allowed me to travel to Massachusetts to visit grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.  This was my first trip to Yankee-land in five years!  As some of you may have known, Yaya (my dad’s mom) was diagnosed with lung cancer on September 14th.  Shortly after I arrived in Boston, she passed away.  Thank God, I got to see her briefly before she passed.  She was wonderful woman and she will be missed dearly.  She was one of the most popular people I have ever met.  Love ya Yaya.

But on to some better news.  I finally met some Badgios who have been following the band for a few months now!  George, Louie, Rita, Pauline, and Amy, this shout out if for you!  You are loving people and it has been one of the pleasures of my life to have met you all!



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