Salem Release Date Set: 1/17/2014

January 17th, 2014, shall be the day of Gulley.  On this day, Salem will be released along with documentary Camel City Chaos: the making of Salem.  We will also be performing at the Garage as a part of the 2014 Triad Music Festival.  Salem will be available on our BandCamp page.

Salem was recorded over six days in April 2013 at Fidelitorium Recordings in Kernersville, NC.  Liz May and Koehn Terry of Sound Lizzard, the lead and assistant engineers, were the most vital people outside of Gulley in recording the album.  Without them, Salem would have never happened, or if it did, it would have sounded bland.  Jordan Connell (who will be performing with us on January 17th) composed and played all piano, organ, and marimba parts on the album.  Catherine Schiemann from the Greensboro band Bana added her beautiful  voice on “Maybe Someday” and “All My Time is Gone”

In June 2013, we were introduced to film maker and biographer Jack Pennington.  After talking to him for thirty seconds, we knew we had to get this guy to make documentary about Salem.  A few months later, Camel City Chaos: the making of Salem was complete.  This ten minute documentary outlines the formation of Gulley and the main inspiration behind Salem,  the recording process, and its meaning to the band.  Camel City Chaos features archival footage, live rehearsal footage, and interviews not available anywhere else!  It’s an incredible video that any music fan will enjoy; it just shows the thought process of a band trying to make good music.

Please mark your calenders.  January 17th will be a good day.

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