More Videos and More Gulley the in news!

Whew!  We’re still slowly floating down from our CD release show at the Garage.  That was the most fun we’ve had on stage.  Hopefully it was something special for you too.

And now it’s already time to reflect and relive it!

Chris Smith of wrote a very thorough and lively review of the entire 2014 Triad Music Festival.  It’s worth the entire read, but since this is our website, here is what he had to say about our performance!  We really appreciate his glowing review!

Closing the show was local rock band Gulley. This event was extra special for the band and for the band’s followers because this show marked the release of their new album “Salem”. I felt a little like an outsider because it became apparent standing along the back wall of the Garage that I was the only person in the building who was not familiar with the band. They had a large loyal following that ate up every bit of new music the band gave to them. Song after song, Gulley delivered. By the end of the show, I was no longer a stranger in the back, I felt like part of the family.
-Chris Smith

Now for onto the video!  Film maker Jack Pennington once again created another beauty.  As you all probably already know, Jack created Camel City Chaos: the making of Salem.  He also captured our gig at the Garage.  This little video really captures our emotions during and right after our show.  Thanks Jack!

As always, you can see more press and videos in our Press Coverage and Videos sections!

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